Before her 'incident', Vanessa Hudgens was every girl's role model. She stars in Disney Channel's hit movie High School Musical.

Recently, nude pictures of her were leaked on the internet.

Unfortunately, girls now think of her as the skank who doesn't shave.

Please search up shave if you have any questions.
Vanessa Hudgens is hella hot!
-sees nude picture-
by Ayeedrian November 4, 2007
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A Filipino actress who just can't seem to grow out of childrens movies due to the marketing ploy called the "High School Musical" trilogy. Despite that she's had nude photos taken of her across the internet, there really is nothing or hers worth staring at. With no particular beauty, no particular talent, and a bitchy personality, the only thing that's keeping her a celebrity is (1) tenure from Disney, (2) her pussy, Zac Efron and her best friend, Ashley Tisdale, and (3) the media being forced to keep their eyes on her. One Disney alumni who practically is the opposite of Vanessa Hudgens is Hayden Panettiere, who actually has dedicated her life to making the world better for everyone.
Girl: Oh my god! Vanessa Hudgens is in here! Let's go meet her right away!
Boy: Hey, isn't that one of those "cool" kids from our school? Sure looks like it.
Girl: What?! But she's...uh...she's got a ton of money. Yeah!
Boy: Like the kind she finds in her underwear at clubs?
Girl: I guess your right, perhaps I can find girls hotter AND more friendly than her. It's possible.
by Smart American Male June 2, 2008
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A dirty, no good fucking slut, who needs to pose naked to get peer pressure out of her life.
Ass of a slut + A bitch with no life= Vanessa Hudgens
by Nuh Uh December 2, 2007
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A talented actress who people only hate because she took nude photos of herself and is dating Zac Efron, which a lot of people admit that's why they hate her. If you overlook the horrible cheese fest that is High School Musical you will be able to see how talented she is in Bandslam, which she garnered a lot of praise for when she was in the movie for at least less than fifteen minutes. She stars in the upcoming movie Beastly, out on July 30, 2010, and SuckerPunch, out in 2011.
Uninformed person: Wow, Vanessa Hudgens is such a famewhore! She totally released those pictures the day of her premiere so she could get more attention!

Informed person: You do realize that the person who leaked the nude pictures in 2007 had another set and just leaked them today, right?

Uninformed person: Liar, liar, pants on fire!
by Udon'tknowme February 11, 2010
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A sexy and hot actress who stars in The Disney Channel's "High School Musical" series. Also has been caught up in a scandal more recently regarding nude pictures that were taken of her.
my friend: "Have you seen those nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens? She looks sooo scandalous!"

by Piranha September 17, 2007
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A hot singer and actress who stars on The Disney Channel's "High School Musical" franchise series.
Hey, I'd be hitting Vanessa Hudgens' pootytang raw night after night if I could!
by Piranha September 26, 2007
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A very talented young actress who got her break from the tweeny bopper movie "High School Musical" and has since made another two of the "HSM" films. Dating Zac Efron.
"Omg Vanessa Hudgens is sooo awesome, I loved her in High School Musical."
by Supatastic October 10, 2008
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