Filled with joy and happiness. They are smart and there smile can light up a tunnel full of darkness. Letitia’s are survivors, no matter what they are going through they always think about there loved ones around them. If there going through a rough they won’t show there emotions. They are very lovable and easy to talk to. They are pretty shy and won’t talk at times but once you get to know them they will talk your ear off. Letitia’s are beautiful in every way, there eyes, smile, body, face and most of all their personality.

L is for lovable, e is for extraordinary, t is for time because they will alaways find time for you, i is for incredible, t is for talented, i is for independent and a is for adarable.
They are usually unique, you will never find anyone like them so hold on to them while you can.
Letitia is so beautiful I can’t explain it
by Bastian that’s not my name December 30, 2018
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Letitia is a very beautiful girl and easy to become friends with. She is quite shy and quiet when you first meet her but once you get to know her she won’t shut up. Letitia is a great lover, so if you get the chance to be with her don’t lose her. You’ll probably regret it. Letitias are usually loving and caring people and love to spend time with friends, usually lazy but makes time for the people she loves. She has an amazing body, big boobs and butt but doesn’t really like to show it off. Only usually to certain people. If you get the chance to be friends with or in an intimate relationship with a Letitia DONT LOSE HER!
My girlfriend is the best!”
“She must be a Letitia”
“She is, she’s amazing
by Tillymillwood December 31, 2018
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Latin for Joy, this is a highly aristocratic name from Classic times. Popular in Victorian England, it still connotes a more refined, elegant time. It is not an African tribal name. All variations like Lakrisha, Latifa, Keesha etc. are anomalies.
Women named Letitia are usually exceptional and complex. They defy definition. Good luck if you find're in for a wild ride.
Letitia writes poetry on goldleaf.
by coyote116 January 22, 2011
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Letitia also called leti, is someone who gets unjustifiably friendzoned because she bears a beautiful soul and a good taste in R&B and get's lit to psytrance.
Her spirit animals are mermaids and dolphins. Furthermore she is easily offended and gets agresssive over the littlest thing, but over all in her presence you feel like being around fairies and elves, even though her radioactive farts smell like muslims breathe on Ramadan. In addition to that, she lacks in communication skills, reason why it's hard for her to make friendships. But her head game is strong ;)
Person A: is that THE Letitia?!
Person B: hell yeah, she's the one so many are crazy about!
Person A: damn I'd love to talk to her...
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super cool chick who's name means joy or happiness in latin
Letitia is a super cool chich who's name means joy or happiness in latin.
by bluenun July 01, 2004
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