11 definitions by thibodeaux

A man who looks over the urinal partition to sneak a peak at another's private parts.
That scouter was scamming on my squirrel like a son of a bitch.
by thibodeaux June 7, 2003
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A bus filled with mormon missionaries being transfered to another area within a defined mission boundry.
Waiting for the transfer train is so boring!
by thibodeaux March 2, 2005
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Apperence of green feces after consuming anything with purple or blue food coloring.(i.e. grape drinks)
Man my crap is green, I must have the guacamole splatters.
by thibodeaux June 9, 2003
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1) Fantasy of millions of inmates. 2) Astronomical amount of increast sexual prowace.
My new car is going to bring me some band boy ass!
by thibodeaux June 12, 2003
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Name for a unusually small penis.
Look at your little Pete-o
by thibodeaux March 2, 2005
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