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The nice old-english way to say "shit happens". usually said around those that would mind if you said "shit".
Aww! Dude you just wrecked your Continental!
Manure occureth my good friend..manure occureth.
by themagichat October 16, 2007
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This refers to the mental status of a person. The brain is the onion, and layers are the functions processed by the brain. As a person's mental status changes (ex. as they become intoxicated) they are peeling layers that control functions of the brain. The outer layers are the highest functions, and the first to go.
"So I heard last night was a blast"
"Yeah everyone was peeling layers of the onion, I dont think anyone could talk by the end!"
by themagichat September 24, 2007
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Spanish for party-pooper. used to diss someone, occasionally to persuade them to not stay home.
'dude you are being such an aguafiesta! come out with us'-the dude
'naw man I can't my bittie wants to watch a tear-jerker'- Awesome
by themagichat April 18, 2007
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A member of a fraternity who is the shit. They are well known among the sorostitutes, and looked up to by younger fratlings. They only participate in the most of fratty activities including, but not limited to; hunting, deep sea/fly fishing and drinking frat water. Frat daddies are often seen driving a frathoe around campus, wearing their '80's RayBan's and a polo, scouting out new sorostitutes.
Do you know that guy in the Tahoe that just drove by?
What'd he look like?
He looked like an ultimate frat daddy, he was blasting Lynyrd Skynrd.
by themagichat October 16, 2007
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The stereotypical car that a frat daddy drives, usually a Tahoe (or similar model), 4Runner, Land Rover.
That was a major frat daddy that just drove by.
The guy in the miata?
No not the GDI, the guy in the frathoe.
Its that Chevy Tahoe.
by themagichat October 16, 2007
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Phrase that can be used to describe someone that is definitely flamboyant, gay. Watching this person is like opening a yogurt and having all the fruit stare you in the eye, already exposed and there are no questions about its contents.
Did you see the kid that walked by earlier?


The one wearing a scarf and tight leather pants when its 85 outside?

Yeah, that was a 'fruit on the top' and at such a young age too.

by themagichat August 20, 2008
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A tool used to pound the wood barrel plug closure, commonly known as a 'Bung,' into place.
The barrel was filled then the bung hammer was used to beat the plug into the bunghole.
by themagichat September 03, 2019
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