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To drink excessively enough to have crazy fun, like hyphy. It can be with any type of alcohol, and usually ends in playing sick games.
'you get your isht done so we can throwdown for E's burfday tonite?' -Shep
'ya know it, brohan, I already got my 12-er for later' -Awesome
by themagichat April 18, 2007
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The nice old-english way to say "shit happens". usually said around those that would mind if you said "shit".
Aww! Dude you just wrecked your Continental!
Manure occureth my good friend..manure occureth.
by themagichat October 17, 2007
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This refers to the mental status of a person. The brain is the onion, and layers are the functions processed by the brain. As a person's mental status changes (ex. as they become intoxicated) they are peeling layers that control functions of the brain. The outer layers are the highest functions, and the first to go.
"So I heard last night was a blast"
"Yeah everyone was peeling layers of the onion, I dont think anyone could talk by the end!"
by themagichat September 25, 2007
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Milk that has sat unrefrigerated for so long that it has separated into liquid and solid. Usually it is only for prank purposes. Opening a jug of oot usually ends in throwing up.
ohh son! what is that rancid smell? - Jo
some idiot opened my bottle of oot..two weeks ago. - Al
by themagichat April 8, 2007
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Spanish for party-pooper. used to diss someone, occasionally to persuade them to not stay home.
'dude you are being such an aguafiesta! come out with us'-the dude
'naw man I can't my bittie wants to watch a tear-jerker'- Awesome
by themagichat April 18, 2007
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A tool used to pound the wood barrel plug closure, commonly known as a 'Bung,' into place.
The barrel was filled then the bung hammer was used to beat the plug into the bunghole.
by themagichat September 3, 2019
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The level of how intoxicated (increasing or decreasing) one person is through a night. (usually following a certain number of actual buttons deep) As the person (male or female) becomes more intoxicated and comfortable, more shirt buttons are undone. Either to show cleavage or chest hair, the drinking person might think makes them look more appealing. Good for use in present or past tense.
"Look at E over there...she's 3 buttons deep!"
"Ya she's felling the effects of the booze."

"Man you were trashed last night!"
"Yeah I know, I was 5 buttons deep."
by themagichat September 25, 2007
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