The stereotypical car that a frat daddy drives, usually a Tahoe (or similar model), 4Runner, Land Rover.
That was a major frat daddy that just drove by.
The guy in the miata?
No not the GDI, the guy in the frathoe.
Its that Chevy Tahoe.
by themagichat October 17, 2007
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A large SUV or truck that is driven by the stereotypical fraternity brother. Based on the Tahoe, but could apply to almost any large 4x4, such as an Explorer, Grand Cherokee, 4 Runner, Land Rover, Suburban, F-150, Ram, Silverado, et al. Usually a car totally paid for by the parents. Easily recognizable by the Greek letters or university logos on the back. SUVs are popular among fraternity members because their size allows one to cram as many as 10+ into one vehicle to go to the bars (driven of course by a pledge), and their off-road capability will come in handy for the annual brotherhood camping trip.
John, find a sober pledge and start up the frathoe, the eight of us are going downtown tonight.

I saw a lot of frathoes cruising up and down Greek row on sorority bid day when all the girls lined up outside.
by PF&C July 29, 2007
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