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The phrase essentially means, "What is your location?" or "Identify your position," but is a corrupted phrase from the original "10-20" used by United States law enforcement to verbally encode their radio transmissions to that non-police listeners would not easily discover police operations, as well as to communicate quicker and more efficiently by standardizing frequently used phrases.

These verbally-coded messages were called "10 codes", of which "10-20" stood for "Identify your position," or "Where are you?" originally. Other such codes include "10-7" meaning the officer was busy such as with a traffic pull-over, "10-8" meaning that the officer was back on patrol such as from having just written a citation, the popular "10-4" as an affirmative, "10-10" as a negative and "10-22" to disregard a previous transmission have only seen light integration into common use. It was not uncommon for a city to have its own set of particular 10-codes for other phrases frequently used particular to that locale.

This code-phrasing is similar in design to Amateur Radio Operators' (which require an FCC license) use of Q-signals, such as QTH ("What is your location") and QSL ("affirmative/understood") used to reduce the time needed to transmit and interpret a Morse-code transmission.
A: What's taking so long?
B: I'm at a red light that won't turn green even though there's no cross-traffic.
A: What's your 20?
B: Avenue F and Kingston.

by thehomeland January 20, 2012

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a #1 favorite. Often used by fans of japanese multi-member music groups as their #1 favorite of the group. It comes from the Japanese 'oshi' to push/support, and "men" is short for the engrish "menba", so the member one supports the most.
"My oshimen changes daily, depending on my mood. Ususally it's Takahashi Ai, but that's strictly from Morning Musume. That's not including AKB48."
by thehomeland March 25, 2010

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generally means "all kinds of every type" but comes from meaning "every possible filename, of every possible extension" in the context of computer command line interfaces. In an MS-DOS sense, say there were the files SETUP.BAT, MOUSE.BIN, INSTALL.EXE, and IO.SYS in a particular folder (which was called a directory, then). If you wanted to delete everything that had the Batch extension, you could type DEL *.BAT at the command line to remove them. Or, if you wanted to delete every file that began with an I, but only the ones that were Executables, you would type I*.EXE at the command line. If you typed DEL *.* at the command line, every file in that folder would be deleted, of any name and of any extension.
Q: Hey, which rappers are popular today that you think shouldn't be rapping?
A: All of them!
Q: You mean just the one's you've heard of so far?
A: No, I mean every single rapper of any kind, man! Star dot star!
by thehomeland October 11, 2013

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"row-MON-ghoul" - a portmanteau word combining "romanize" (to convert a non-roman alphabet into approximate equivalent letters of the roman alphabet) and "hangul" (the language of the Koreas), to mean "words converted from hangul symbols into roman letters."

For instance the phrase 소녀시대 would offer little or no indication of pronunciation to speakers of Romance languages (English, French, Italian, etc), who have no training in Hangul/Korean. However, in romangul, the phrase would be Sonyeo Sidae, or So Nyuh Shi Dae, which offers English-speakers at least an approximate understanding of proper pronunciation.

Romangul is especially useful for fans of Korean music wishing to sing along with the music in that language, without knowing the language itself, per se -- or students of the language attempting to memorize corresponding Hangul characters with their appropriate sounds.

Similarly, romaji is the combination of "romanize" with "kanji" (the written language of Japan). Romangul is to Korean, as Romaji is to Japanese.
I can't tell what particular sounds they're using just from the audio, and the Hangul version of the lyrics don't help because I don't know Korean. Can someone write the lyrics in Romangul for me, so I can know how to pronounce them properly?
by thehomeland April 19, 2011

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A sudden, burdensome amount.

Interchangeable with shitstorm but as a more polite term. Often used to describe a very large amount of something as a problem (or otherwise negatively) that arrived (or otherwise was made present) mostly at once.

Often, the supposed shartstorm will be due to an initial event that causes it, such as an idea that catches on fast once learned that it's allowed -- or a question is asked that is most certain to provoke loads of comments.

Many who find swearing unacceptable in their own speech, will use shartstorm as a technique to express the shitstorm concept more politely.
A: It sure is quiet today in the gift shop.
B: Just wait until the tour guides are finished -- then there'll be a shartstorm of guests.

Blog: Thanks for the submission to the blog, Reader A. We love submissions!
Blog Readers: We didn't know we could submit entries..
Blog: Yes! Please do!
Blog Reader A: inb4 shartstorm

Synonyms: Crapload, Assload, Pantsload, Buttload, Shitstorm
by thehomeland January 27, 2012

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Short for 'the metropolitan' and could refer to The Metropolitan Opera House, The Met Gala held by The Metropolitan Mueum or the museum itself. Super fancy, super formal, high-fashion, expensive, peak refined civilization atmosphere.
Q: Are you going to the met this year?

A: Yes, but I can't decide if I should wear this incredible evening gown I found at Saks, or keep more in line with the met's theme this year with the dress Armani gave me.
by thehomeland November 25, 2018

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