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A mini flute, plays an octave above the normal flute.
I thought the flute was high, but holy crap, the piccolo is crazily high. I feel sorry for the dogs that have to hear people practice it.
by thegreatwhitehype October 08, 2003

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Atomic symbol for helium.
He is helium.
by thegreatwhitehype September 16, 2003

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Microsoft game console. Overly large and bulky with a terrible controller.
God created light, and saw that it was good. Then Bill Gates was born, and he created Xbox, and God saw that this was bad. And many people loved the Xbox, and God saw that world had become full of idiots.
by thegreatwhitehype January 04, 2004

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1) The 400th positive integer
2) Short for 400 metre dash
1) I counted to 400 today
2) I ran the 400 today
by thegreatwhitehype October 08, 2003

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1. A game where people dress up as pimps and race greased hobos through a mall. Extra points are awarded if people stop the pimp to try and get a whore.

2. When you grease up some concrete stairs, throw a philly cheesesteak down to the bottom, and watch the hobos fall down
by thegreatwhitehype August 01, 2003

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The trumpet player with the world's highest high register.
When I grow up, I'm gonna be the Master of the Stratosphere.
by thegreatwhitehype October 08, 2003

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The name of the act of performing oral sex after taking a drag of a marijuana cigarette. It is so named because she will end up blowing smoke all over his pubic hair, thus creating a misty rainforest.
Mike: I almost got Jenn to give me a misty rainforest last night.

Jacob: Wow, I wish Marlena would do that.
by thegreatwhitehype March 21, 2005

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