Stratosphere is a nickname for nitrous oxide (laughing gas, NOS) that gets you high for about a minute or a few minutes. Nitrous oxide is mostly called Stratosphere both because it's mostly found in the Stratosphere and because it gets you higher than the troposphere like it's a Stratospheric high for a short time. You get a nitrous oxide cracker and nitrous oxide canisters and fill the balloons, then breathe in Stratosphere from the balloons and enjoy.
I breathed Stratosphere from the balloons and got high like the Stratosphere!
by HawaiianPunch1 January 18, 2022
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The Stratosphere Tower is a large hotel and casino with 2,444 room on the Las Vegas Strip. The Stratosphere features a tower that is the tallest building west of the Mississippi, which at 1,155 ft (350 m) is not only the tallest structure in Las Vegas, but also the second-tallest structure in the United States west of the Mississippi River, after the Kennecott Smokestack near Tooele, Utah.

The Stratosphere has a restaurant, bar and three rides(The Big Shot, XSCREAM,Insanity the Ride) all located at the top of the tower.
The best view of The Strip is from the top of the Stratosphere.
by Vegas Vic August 26, 2006
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One of the better pieces by the Finnish band Stratovarius. An instrumental piece starting off with a great electric guitar riff, leading into a calm, serene piece of music, finishing with a 'remix' of the initial guitar riff
Stratosphere rocks!
by Craig Mitchell March 2, 2004
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An enlightening streak; the atmosphere of discovering one strat (strategy) after the other.
by Takkeboom57 October 17, 2021
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A high (presumably off weed) that is so amzing the word "high" isn't worthy of it. It's so fuckin crazy you can only call it something higher; thus the stratosphere. i.e. Stratospherical.
"Holy shit, I just smoked a blunt a' hella m'azing purp. Got SO GOD DAMN 'stratospherical'"
by magic ass motha fucka April 1, 2010
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Being high. Like, hella high. Like, 900 mg of THC high.
“Each gummy had 100 mg of THC. He grabbed 9 and just started chewin’ them. Within 20 minutes, he was in the stratosphere.”
by in the stratosphere April 23, 2019
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