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The best non-animated comedy ever.
It was originally a very terrible show on BBC, but then someone got a great idea to make a U.S version, resulting in the best non-animated comedy ever.
The Office Quote-
Michael: Wikipedia is the best website ever... Because anyone, anywhere can put whatever they want on it, so you know that you are getting the best source of information...
by thecrazymonkey January 17, 2009

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Rap music is an oxymoron, because rap is not musical. Rap is on one single pitch throughout the entire song. Some people like to pretend that rap music is musical, but people really laugh when others say that.
Billy: What are you listening to?
Bob: Nigga, Ima listenin' to rap music!
Billy: You mean rap. Not rap music.
Bob: Fo' shizzle! Ima gonna go rape my ho now!
Billy: You do that...
by thecrazymonkey January 17, 2009

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The point in a song in which the listener gets so involved in the music, and where the music is so incredibly good that he has a sweet feeling of ecstasy in the very pit of his stomach.
Dude, when that rocking guitar solo started up, I had a musical orgasm!
by thecrazymonkey January 17, 2009

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Fuckheads with no musical talent whatsoever, who are similar to Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus in three different ways.

1. They have no talent.
2. They continue to destroy music in America.
3. They are women.

They are posers who stink at the guitar.
Idiotic 8 year old Jonas Brothers Fan: I love the Jonas Brothers!
True Metallica/Guns and Roses/Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin fan: You're an idiot, little girl. You have no clue about music, and neither do any of the Jonas Brothers fans from ages 8-16.
by thecrazymonkey April 09, 2009

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The point in a song where the musician gets so into his music that he has a musician's orgasm.
Dude, do you see that head-banging singer?
Yeah man, he's having a musician's orgasm.
by thecrazymonkey January 25, 2009

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Not Going To Happen In A Million Years.

This acronym is often texted.
(Jenna sexting Todd)
" Todd, will you have sex with me?"
(Todd texting back)
by thecrazymonkey March 17, 2009

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A series of letters that stands for
Brother From Another Mother.
He is your brother, your best friend, although he is from a different mother.
Hey my bfam, how's it going.
I'm fine dude!
by thecrazymonkey February 02, 2009

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