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the real version of cool people. It stands for Fuck don't give a fuck. So bascically DGAF x10
FDGAF im cooler.

But to be an FDGAF you cant care about anything even not caring about anything. So you fail.
fuck off.
by thebootsybeast December 14, 2010

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the full non abriviated version of bro
wus up my brodiligus
by thebootsybeast November 03, 2010

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While watching a bad movie you shove a fedged penis into a butthole and an indian comes out
The alternative to having babies is to give birth anally to a full grown indian man by using the last mohican fedge wedge
by thebootsybeast November 10, 2010

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1) A monkey with a huge ass

2) snookie
dude that badonkamonkey is showin off his ass.
by thebootsybeast November 01, 2010

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ball sack
he got kicked in the saggy baggy and hes all sick now
by thebootsybeast November 03, 2010

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the act of doing something every skateboarder can do. It does not involve JBK®
"everyone can dip! its so easy, it doesn't need an explanation!" said the cool kids. "I can't dip! whats dipping?" said the cripple. "you can't dip?", said the cool kids, "what a weirdo..."
by thebootsybeast October 26, 2011

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being punched in the asshole so many times it turns into goatse
ricardo got grumpy punched and bled like hell
by thebootsybeast November 03, 2010

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