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These are the same thing as eskimo brothers except you only hook up with them without having sex.
-Yeah, Brian's going out with Jessica.

-Wow, just think how many Eskimo buddies he has.
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar November 15, 2009
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this is when a female grows out her bush in the month of November. Similar to novembeard.
-Eww. You here about Jessica?
-Yeah. I don't know why brian likes it when Jessica grows out the novembush.
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar November 4, 2009
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what a fantasy football manager experiences when one or more significant players has a bye and that lack of points screws your team that week
-Dammit, Turner and Portis have byes this week, what do I do?

-No idea, sounds like you're in bye week hell.
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar November 29, 2009
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BCE stands for two things:

1. Big Cock Extravaganza
2. Best Crew Ever
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar February 9, 2010
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here's how it goes down:
"wanna see my belt buckle?"

*person or people look at crotch area

*person who asked "wanna see my belt buckle?" lifts up shirt/sweatshirt displaying his/her upper bush area above the slightly pulled down underwear and pants
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar February 9, 2010
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One of the gayest expressions commonly used today. Often used before stating something obvious or something that no one would bother to lie about. This expression is over used and almost always makes the user look like a douche.
-I'm not gonna lie, that movie was terrible.

-I know, why would someone lie about that?
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar December 1, 2009
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(n.) King of the castle. Ruler of the roost... until his wife comes home from work. This is one of the lowest titles a man can have, often said to be lower than unemployed. This is the masculine form of the word housewife.
-Do you think Lucas will ever have a job?

-No, but I think he would be a good househusband anyway.
by thebiggestbossyouveseenthusfar November 21, 2009
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