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Very influential powerful & wise with a vast amount of knowledge and has great confidence within him/herself - Enivid
One such as a world leader like Nelson Mandela was Enivid
by the smart one February 10, 2014
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The first man to become president without winning an election.
The govenor of Florida is his brother, the CEO of a ballot counting operation that counts almost 80% of the ballots was his campaign organizer, 91,000 eligible black democrat-favoring voters from Florida were not allowed to vote.
by the smart one March 11, 2005
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Everything in the univers has a cicle of existance. many people are in denile of this fact becaus the practical upshot of it is that they will, evidenly, die. on a far grander scale of thing ( though just as unapealing ) the univers itself has such a cicle. there is a point of critical mass, in which matter is comprest to the power of infinity minus one. creating a gravity well, or loop in which matter is sucked in and compressed in the same way. ( usually due to a very large colapsing star ) in the end, and at this point it quite defenetly is, the intire univers will be consumed into a very large and very compressed ball of matter. at which time it will once again reach a critical presure and explode. recreating the univers, and the pesky little criters that come with it.
by the smart one April 18, 2005
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A word designed to give people the folse belief that there is a cure for life.
by the smart one April 18, 2005
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