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noun - An old-tyme Democrat from the south, not affiliated with the present day Democratic party dominant in the northeast and west coast. Most dixie-crats opposed civil rights, were often corrupt and promoted a religious agenda. The party is almost extinct today, though a few still exist as "DINOS"
Al Gore and Bill Clinton are too progressive to be considered Dixiecrats.
by thatguy@31 May 23, 2006

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Hockey star Eric Lindros' alter ego. A nickname given to him by Philly fans tired of his woman-like frailty on the ice.
Scott Stevens laid out Erica Linda Ross in the playoffs and we never saw him again.
by thatguy@31 July 18, 2006

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verb - To attempt to appear more pious or religious than someone else for personal gain.
The two conservative candidates didn't even talk about the important issues in their campaign ads, they just kept trying to out-Jesus each other.
by thatguy@31 May 27, 2006

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verb - to take something from another by invoking superior job rank or social status.
I was all set to take over the Henderson account at the office, but that hotshot Jones big boyed me out of it!
by thatguy@31 May 23, 2006

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