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Classless sports fans who have turned collective whining into an art form. Best known for pelting Santa Claus with iceballs and booing sick children. Ghoulish houligans who deserve the annual hope-suckage created by the early playoff exits of the Eagles and Flyers.
Clay Aiken is to music what Philly fans are to sports.

If you woke up today in a drunk tank with a black eye, you are likely a Philly fan.
by Fraud Exposer June 29, 2009
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Fans that have a bad reputation despite being one of the only cities that does not riot and burn it's own city after a championship.
Somewhere along the line our civilization deemed it was worse to throw snowballs at a drunk dressed up like santa who was egging on the fans, than it is to riot after a championship injuring hundreds of police officers and getting into fights with players like what they do in chicago and detroit. Philly fans are the best.
by spacespacespace June 06, 2010
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Sports fans from the vicinity of Philly or South Jersey. Have earned a reputation for their brutality. Will not hesitate to boo, chide, catcall, condemn, openly vilify, and assault elderly women.

Also, they are pretty ruthless to visiting sports teams. For that matter, they are ruthless to home teams who screw up.

All told, these are the greatest sports fans in the world, and any team would love to have their support, while every other team fears their wrath.
Dallas fan: "I went to the Eagles game, and those Philly fans dumped beer on me and shoved peanuts up my nose and slaughtered my two children brutally. But I told them they were just jealous!"
by Grim Winnebago January 09, 2004
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Fans of Philadelphia sports teams such as the Eagles (NFL), Phillies (MLB), Flyers (NHL), and 76ers (NBA). Also the worst fans ever, relating to how obnoxious and juvenile they are. They boo the other team more than cheer for their own at games, harass fans of visiting teams, and pick fights. Even though they're credited as some of the most loyal fans (most of this credit goes to Eagles fans), they go as far- and maybe farther- as cheering when former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was carried off the field on a stretcher when his neck collar-bone was severely injured.
i was at the red sox-phillies game last night, and much of what i heard from the Philly fans was "red sox suck". i barely heard "go phillies".
by cubhunter June 04, 2009
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