24 definitions by teresa

1. A complicated situation.
That would open up a whole can of worms!
by teresa February 12, 2004
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Used affectionately when some one does something silly
Ah, as if u done that you moople!
by teresa November 24, 2004
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the worst person to live next to
a toolbox
tips below 10%
Can you hand me my Bam Margera, I need a wrench.
by Teresa March 25, 2004
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a sexy version of blah blah blah.
he told me we could go upstairs and yunno wot... rer rer rer!
by teresa November 23, 2004
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Really good weed that is grown in Afganistan
This i that Afgani Shit
by Teresa March 03, 2004
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A group of pe-p0 who are obsessed with watching two forks having crazy wild monkey sex.
There is a big fucking zikle over there hanging from that fat chick's pantiline.
by Teresa March 30, 2004
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a newschool skier, or park rat.
The Mammoth terrine park is filled with jibbers.
by Teresa October 12, 2003
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