4 definitions by tehwin

The act of recommending for deletion all of ghale's definitions.
I beibhinned all of ghale's definitions!
by tehwin June 12, 2003
To lovingly, sensually or passionately carress an inanimate object. In proper context the object should resemble an animate form of some kind.
"Billy, stop steefling that statue and get over here."

"I warned you about steefling the food mixer."

"The sculpture is lovely, Winston- but I'm overcome by an urge to steefle it."
by tehwin May 24, 2003
To arrive at an event or occasion totally naked.

Possible exception: To arrive at an event or occasion clad in a jockstrap or diamond encrusted nipple ring. (Partial Forvoniation)
"The party looked like fun, but then Derek decided to forvoniate it."

"Did you see that singer last night? What moron forvoniates their own concert?"
by tehwin May 24, 2003
The art of slapping another human being with their own genitals.
"Swimp me."

"Don't swimp me."
by tehwin May 24, 2003