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An unintended mistake of some kind.

(a) Befouling oneself with something vile (see shart for examples).
(b) Getting caught doing something stupid at work that results in a drug screening.
At the urinalysis drug testing facility:
Nurse: Did we have a little accident?
Patient: Accident? *looks down at self with bewilderment*
Nurse: Oh, you must be here for pre-employment screening then.
by tbonaz March 11, 2008
A frustrating unit of Hylian currency that drains your rupees instead of increasing them. When Link acquires one in a Zelda game, he cringes, and a comical fanfare plays.

Also may refer to any promising situation that ends up being a disappointment.
"I looked in the chest and hoped for a great treasure, but - Ta-da-da- Duhhh. :( It was that goddamned 50 Rupoor again!"

"The party turned out to be rupoor."
by tbonaz April 14, 2008
The act of hyperlinking to articles about articles about articles, most frequently between geek-oriented communities such as Slashdot and Techdirt. Frequently infuriating, especially when someone tells you to RTFA.
Person 1: "Before you comment on it, RTFA!"

Person 2: "I tried to... but the links committed blogcest..."
by tbonaz March 20, 2008
Analogous to the blagotubes and interwebs, the intervines are the information superhighway for plants. Theorized to exist as the communication vector in many evil-tentacle-plant movies. (such as The Ruins) Not to be confused with 'intervenes', damn it!
The plant kingdom routinely communicates via the intervines.

"Mathias, you haven't been answering my calls... gimme a ring when you've got a minute. See ya soon." - The intervines
by tbonaz April 14, 2008
When a cat helps you type by walking across the keyboard, attacking your hands, or sprawling itself across the keys.
A prime example of catkeys looks l=---------------pp oi8ufgsrwa4EEEEEEEEEEEVBBBBBBBBIOKK

Grr. Damn cat.
by tbonaz April 23, 2008
(Possibly from 'aroma' and 'permeate', though this cannot be confirmed)

To waft and circulate throughout an area, in the manner of an obnoxious odor.
The pungent scent of cafeteria food rominated through the hallways like a malevolent spirit seeking victims.
by tbonaz April 23, 2008
To release a horrid sound and/or smell by farting, which will subsequently rominate throughout the area.
"Holy shit, Marcos, what's that smell?! Don't tell me... You shit the room!"

"Someone shit the room."

"As soon as you're finished shitting the room, we'll come back in and join you."
by tbonaz April 23, 2008