Analogous to the blagotubes and interwebs, the intervines are the information superhighway for plants. Theorized to exist as the communication vector in many evil-tentacle-plant movies. (such as The Ruins) Not to be confused with 'intervenes', damn it!
The plant kingdom routinely communicates via the intervines.

"Mathias, you haven't been answering my calls... gimme a ring when you've got a minute. See ya soon." - The intervines
by tbonaz April 14, 2008
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(n.) - The internet grapevine of gossip, rumors, innuendo and news flashes
"How did I hear this? I heard it on the intervine somewhere! It's gone viral now, everyone's talking
about it!"

-- overheard at a watercooler in Manhattan, June 25, 2011
by PRwiz101 July 19, 2011
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