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American food for an Ameircan resturant.
Dumbfuck: I'm feelin' sophisticated tonight, lets get some Italian.
Other Guy: All right, we'll go to Magiano's.
Dumbfuck: Actually I was thinking we'd go to Olive Garden.
Other Guy: ...
by Taintfuck September 26, 2004

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What the world refers to when they're sitting around telling jokes about America.
All other nations : Hey I hope America's '04 candidates IQ's catch up with their inflation rate.

Everyone but America: -laughs-
by Taintfuck September 25, 2004

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A magazine guys read for the tantilizing articles.
Playboy article: "10 Things Guys should know about what Woman are Thinking"
by Taintfuck September 27, 2004

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One of the greatest movies I have seen in my lifetime. A fantastic ending to The Matrix trilogy.

Anybody who says it sucks most likely just didn't understand it, being that the writers didn't just come out and spoon-feed us all the answers to our questions. With a bit of thought though, you will find that all the questions have, infact, been answered, which makes it all the more intriguing.
Dumbass: The Gaytrix Revolutions sucked man.

Fan: What aspect of The Matrix Revolutions did you not appreciate?

Dumbass: Uh...(sputters moronically for a quick comeback)
by Taintfuck November 09, 2005

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A shitty company that is losing money every year and only exists because it gives Time Warner tax breaks..

Blockbuster is now getting sued over their policy on no late fees because it's a scam. Blockbuster keeps your credit card number in their computers. So if you rent out a movie, and don't return it within seven days, when you bumble back in thinking that you won't have any late fees they inform you that you have to buy the movie. Nice scam, morons.
Customer: Hello, I am returning this movie seven days late. However, due to your no late fees policy, I know I have nothing to worry about.

Blockbuster CSA: I'm sorry, sir, but we conveniently didn't inform you that if you keep the movie out for more than seven days we charge you for it. How would you like to go about paying for it?

Customer: See you in court.
by taintfuck March 07, 2005

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Is infact one of America's better Presidents. Bill Clinton is also one of America's luckiest presidents being that he came into office after Regan and Bush who played a major role in cleaning things up, only to take heat for it leaving Clinton in a very good position. However, Bill Clinton still is also a good President. Who gives a shit what he does in his sex life.
Bill Clinton is married to Hilary Clinton. I'd let a fat chick blow me too if I were married to that.
by Taintfuck September 24, 2004

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Absolutely one of the worst shows to ever grace my TV. I watched one episode of it once and ended up having diarrhea for the rest of the week.

The episode was about that curly haired dipshit (Cory I think) and his girlfriend, Potango, dripping over each other and telling their parents how much they wanted to fuck each other. It was more like watching a soap opera as opposed to a sitcom. I did not laugh even once, or crack a smile for that matter during the whole thirty minutes it was on.

Generally you're supposed to care about the characters in a TV show. I, however, was all for cutting all their heads off with a spoon. Avoid watching this travesty.
This is what the entire show is about:

Curly-haired dipshit: I love you.
Potango: I love you.
by Taintfuck November 24, 2004

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