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12 definitions by sweet_tea_sipper

Somebody BORN in texas. Im sorry but you have to be born here to call yourself a texan.
Me: Im a Texan.
Guy: So am I.
Me: What part you from?
Guy: Ohio.
Me: Your not a Texan.
by sweet_tea_sipper July 29, 2009
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The middleman between Taco Bell (even gringos like me know that shit isnt real mexican) and Real Mexican Food. Not quite the real thing, but still a damn good eating establishment.
Dude were baked, lets get some Taco Cabana

Fuck yes
by sweet_tea_sipper February 26, 2011
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A genuinly funny show in its early years. Still funny, but as it has grown in popularity, its quality as steadily declined, just like other shows (The Simpsons, Roseanne)
My problem is, FOX is cancelling the real greatest show of all time, King Of The Hill, to make room for a spinoff for Family Guy.
by sweet_tea_sipper July 26, 2009
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A political party that falls on the right in the spectrum. Tends to believe in Lassiez Faire economics, otherwise know as Capitalism, and some restrictions of personal choice. While i dont completely agree with their ideology, i consider myself a republican because i cant come to support the vast majority of democrats today.
Some Examples of republican ideals i agree with:
War is sometimes nesscesary.
You should Earn your own money.
There should be a flat tax rate.
Illegal immigration should be stopped.
The Death Penalty.
Freedom of speech, Responsible for the Liberal Media (MSNBC,, Democratic Underground)
and the conservative media (FOX News, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh)
A Republican Is a Republican.
A Democrat Is a Democrat.
by sweet_tea_sipper July 30, 2009
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Me: Man New York is such a hell hole man
Bitch who loves ny: Shut up redneck, youre just jealous of its superiority!
Me: Oh really? How is it better?
Bitch: Uhhhhhh, because it has alot of people!!
Me: Whatever bitch, go back to new york and ill spend some time in the best place on earth. Texas!!
by sweet_tea_sipper July 27, 2009
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when somebody uses big words to over complicate what they are saying and make themselves sound smarter. Common in intelligent and stupid people alike.
Robert (Normal Speak): My job is getting pretty tough bro.
Robert (IQ Speak): My occupation is progressing into a most challenging state, my keen fellow
by sweet_tea_sipper June 25, 2011
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A class thats useful IF you plan on going into architecture, construction, or Civil Engineering. Apart from that, its not really applicable. Just let me move right on to Algebra 2 instead of wasting my sophomore year Texas Education Agency!
Ted: Wow Mr. Wells is such a great teacher! I love Geometry!
Me: Well thats great for you, now let me sleep during his lecture.
by sweet_tea_sipper June 5, 2011
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