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"another word for vagina, pussy, whispering eye etc."
"I havent seen you in a while god damn i miss that mother fuking vertical smile"
by sweatyandready May 02, 2010

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"one woman holds three penisus, one in each hand and one in her mouth, if done at opposite motions it appers to look like a pelican flying"
"that ho is damn goog at the pelican
by sweatyandready May 01, 2010

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To type pornography on the internet and then masturbate to it .
"o god i type and tuged yesterday it was amazing"
by sweatyandready April 30, 2010

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When some one has more women than they can handle. Cheats on thier girlfriend/wife for more than one women
"that guy has total tiger status"
"man I feel bad for rebecca her boy friend is tiger status
by sweatyandready May 02, 2010

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A longish creature that is said to live in the pants of a male (and some females)
Man look at that one eyed trouser trout
by sweatyandready June 28, 2010

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during sex the male lays on his back as the female(or male it depens what your into)sits on the tip of the penis and slides up and down down in a circle
my boyfriend did the german helicopter

oooo you so lucky
by sweatyandready September 01, 2010

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"a replacment for nigger or just an insult to a whaite person or a compliment to a black person"
"man fuck you straight out of compton"
"that guy is straight out of compton"
by sweatyandready May 06, 2010

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