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Lil fizz is my man!!!!!! He is the best of the rest. He is the definition of cute, irrisitable, hot, great smile, can dance, and everything else(THAT IS GOOD) you can think of!!!! I love you lil fizz.
Lil fizz is what a girl wants. Lil fizz is what I want.
by sue April 17, 2004
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a workman who doesn't do much apart from scratch his balls
"he just stared at the job scratching his balls for an hour"
by sue October 19, 2003
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when a girl grabs a guys balls very hard then gives him a love bite on the adams apple. Mostly done at school or uni so other student know the guy is a wimp or jerk.
"ha i see joe got a purple apple i wonder who got him"
by sue October 19, 2003
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The cheesy-like substance that forms beneath the shaft of the uncircumsized penis.
Look..the Goldstein baby produced his very first schemgma.
by sue May 9, 2004
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The Mono is the dance the girls do in the Right Thurr video not mortuary.
by sue October 18, 2003
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Used by the wonderful Sue to fill gaps oin conversation or when bored and showing lack of enthusiasm in anything
by sue May 30, 2004
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(noun) urine, wee, pee-pee
Me: I wanna make susu! Now!
You: Go around the bushes
by sue February 8, 2005
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