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a kid who is enrolled in a magnet program, usually bogged down with piles upon piles of work in science, math and the like. Rarely has a chance to be social due to 'too much homework.'
Nick Wolf is a magnet student.
by sue June 4, 2005
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Lil fizz is my man!!!!!! He is the best of the rest. He is the definition of cute, irrisitable, hot, great smile, can dance, and everything else(THAT IS GOOD) you can think of!!!! I love you lil fizz.
Lil fizz is what a girl wants. Lil fizz is what I want.
by sue April 17, 2004
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When you're chillin and relaxing, you're "chill-laxin".
Ashley was chill-laxin by the pool.
by sue January 9, 2004
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a girl who is well known for hit guys in the testicles when she gets mad than do anything else like slap the face.
watch out Juile is a ball breaker
by sue October 19, 2003
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