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Really bad marijuana that actually looks like dirt. Bad mexican swag.
Dude, you sold me dirt weed.
by Stoner October 08, 2003

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marijuana that has already been run through a vaporizer at least once.
all i've got left to vaporize is some duff from last week, but we can still get pretty high.
by stoner June 18, 2006

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the Origins of this phrase are as yet, unconfirmed. But is believed to have been first said somewhere in the south of England

a non-confrontational way of saying "it's your turn" and can be adapted as in his/her/their court.
Adrian: do you wanna spark it?
Gareth: the ball's in your court, man.
Adrian asking Gareth if he wants to light Adrian's joint.
by Stoner October 18, 2004

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milk that has been boiled with cannabis then had fruit added. when ingested makes the drinker high or stoned depending on the concentration of cannabis
yo man lets go make some magic milkshake !!!
by stoner January 01, 2004

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Used as onomatopia, the sound of a cash register. Signifies in a final sense a profound exclamation.
there is currently no example for this word
by Stoner April 20, 2005

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i have a volkswagen beetle. my friend wanted me to come over and i couldn't because it was broken down (again.). i told him "i can't com by now, because my bug is fukin' broken.".
my bug is fukinbroken again.
by stoner April 03, 2005

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greatly horrible
dude ur bass playing is gorrible
by stoner August 04, 2003

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