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n. The act or the result of the act of sprucing up one's crib (ie, home), especially the outer, front portions...yard, fence, painting, etc.
Joe: "Yo, Bob, you're making me look like a bad husband with all that spruceage you're doing over there!"
by stirling78 June 25, 2009
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A common Left-Wing tactic to incite "change" in a known policy or cause. Also used as a mudslinging device in order to undermine Right-Wingers
The Democrat Politician revealed his Manufactured Outrage at the cutting of trees in order to SAVE THE PLANET. He was further "outraged" by a myriad of things: polar bears, sea otters, Styrofoam, swamp land, the War on Terror, certain books, the conservative talk shows on a.m. radio, the lack of rights for Gays, the lack of rights for animals, the lack of rights for women...and children...and illegal immigrants, the use of the word "God" anywhere, the "right" to abort babies, corporations, banks, SUVs, hunters, guns, bibles, big cars, oil-production, and the over-spending of the Bush Administration. Of course, the over-spending of the Obama Administration was OK, though. A few things he wasn't outraged about: Term Limits for elected officials, tort reform, a balanced budget, and freedom.
by stirling78 May 24, 2009
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School cafeteria waste. Specifically, the food that goes uneaten and put all together in a dumpster.
guy 1: Dude! You have GOT to see the schoop from the lunchroom today....it's disgustingly awesome!

guy2: Dude, I saw it and barfed.

guy1: Told ya!
by stirling78 May 30, 2009
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Dude 1: "Damn! I only have one schmag left!"

Dude 2: "Better head to 7-11."
by stirling78 April 27, 2009
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The act of a (usually) heterosexual male entering a pubic restroom and passing one or more open urinals in order to create the requisite "space" between himself and any other pee-ers.
Man: "Dr. I've got a bad case of urinalienation."

Dr: "Dude, me too! I can't pee unless there's three open urinals between me and other dudes!"
by stirling78 May 20, 2009
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