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The day that people realize that all the drinking and partying they did the night prior to (as in New Year's Eve) was worthless, because, in reality, it means nothing. The day of New Year's Eve is exactly the same as New Year's Day. It is also often used for people living crap lives to say all the things they are going to do "this new year", none of which they really will do, that end up being almost identical to last year's.
The only true difference between New Year's Day and the day of New Year's Eve, is that when writing the date, you must change one, or more (depending on what year it changed to) digits in the year category. When in school this becomes a nuisance when teachers deduct points due to writing the wrong date.
Before New Year's Day: "Dude I can't wait for New Year's, but for now, let's just get shit-faced!"

On New Year's Day: "Today is just like yesterday, except it's four degrees colder, and my head hurts like a bitch."
by Stevo-K December 31, 2008

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Part of speech: verb/noun/adjective

Past tense: Ballsacktallywacked

Etymology: The English word: ballsack, and the São Tomé and Príncipe of Africa word: tallywack

1. Something to yell when you don't know what else to yell, but feel a strange need to yell something.
2. A word that describes the motion of a long piece of rubber, actually wacking a man in the place where no man wants to be wacked (the testicles... ouch!)
3. Like "awkward turtle" something to break the ice during an awkward situation.

A word to the wise - in 93% of the situations one would use the term ballsacktallywack at the end of a sentence, it is followed by an exclamation point.
1. "Ballsacktallywack!!!!!! Woah, that was strange."
2. "my wife ballsacktallywacked me last night, all just because i got home past midnight..."
3. "Dude, I'm gay."
by Stevo-K January 03, 2009

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The genre of music between rock, and pop. However, unlike "alternative" music,
the genre: "good alternative", does not contain any Emo music, such as fall out
boy, or panic at the disco. Hence why the genre is named "good alternative"
instead of "bad alternative". This genre is derived from the need of a further
classification of the "alternative" genre.
Some examples of "good alternative" music are: Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Arctic
Some examples of bad "alternative" music are: Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco,
Rites of Spring.
"I went to a bar last night. There was some good alternative music playing, it was actually pretty cool."
"Nice man, I went to an emo bar last night, they played some interesting alternative music, it made my ears bleed...?
by Stevo-K January 02, 2009

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As referred to by George Steinbruner, the belief that all yankee fans create a "nation". You're part of yankee nation if you're a yankee fan. This was George Steinbruner's way of saying that the yankees have more fans than any other major league baseball team.
yankee fan: "I'm in the yankee nation!"
red sox fan: "go suck a bag of dicks, and pull that dildo out of your ass"

by stevo-k January 30, 2009

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The term given to when one's poop is dense and heavy enough to cause a plop, in the toilet, that results in one's butt to be splashed. It's a commonality that one becomes panicked as to why their butt has received a wet surprise, that is, until they remember their Chinese feast the night prior.
"Aww, dude, what the hell was that!?... God damn plop splash, fucking General Tso's gets me every time."
by stevo-k September 04, 2010

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The name given to a bad movie ordered from netflix. "Buttflix" is used as a noun, which takes the place of the movie. So one would say, "That movie I watched from netflix last night was a definite buttflix."
"Dude, the movie Crossover was a total buttflix, never order it."
by Stevo-K January 01, 2010

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