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A vehicle, normally a car, which is the normal mode of transport for a yob/hoody/chav/boyracer (ie male under 21).
A yobmobile is normally a Saxo, 106, Clio, Nova, Corsa or some other small car with a huge array of add ons, massive bodykits, a stupendously loud stereo (usually played LOUD with the blacked out windows down)
It will normally have a Really LOUD exhaust with a HUGE chromed/flared Tailpipe. It will usually be fitted with blue LED's, Induction Filter and Always will have super shiny Alloys.
It is usually driven at night at excessive speeds round most council estates, town centres, Retail park car parks and can often be seen being pursued by the Police.
Most yobmobiles will not be insured or have any road tax either, as the owner will spend all his money on the car's appearance
Look at that yobmobile doing handbrake turns over on Tesco's car park, must be costing a fortune in tyres!
by stevie-J August 16, 2007
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