54 definition by steve-o

A curious phenomenon, most commonly exhibited by supporters of Liverpool Football Club, where an individual is completely unable to see the wood from the trees as far as making sensible, unbiased judgements about their football team’s performances is concerned.
The whole world could see that Liverpool were vastly inadequate but the supporters felt robbed and went to bed dreaming of past European victories and 1990s league wins.
by Steve-o May 09, 2005

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Slang for, "I am going to..."
Amana go to the beach.
by Steve-O February 13, 2005

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Something you say when someones acting like a moron, or for whatever reason you would like to say it
God damnit, you stupid bizzle bazzle, stop fuckin around!
by Steve-o April 30, 2003

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The standard size of a jail cell in federal prison.
"Then, he took me back the the six by six and made me toss his salad"
by steve-o June 12, 2004

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German for upper and also for waiter.
English slang for overseer, greater, or a big hairy man-beast.
Did you see that ober at the buffet? I thought he was going to go for that little kid too!
by Steve-O March 20, 2004

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Slang term shortened deriving from balls and ass. Often refering to an odor.
"Damn, it smells like BLASS up in here! Someone needs to wash there ass!"
by Steve-O July 05, 2003

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a person that is bein extremly difficult or pissing u off
stop it u buttpole
why r u being such a buttpole to me?
by Steve-O June 08, 2004

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