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1. Popping (eating) pills that are from africa
2. shoot an african
I wanna pop a nigga to overdose! Who tryna overdose on school shootings?
by stephen 47 October 20, 2018

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When the ball hits the ground and you catch it, then the ref calls it a touchdown
by stephen 47 October 20, 2018

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A combat sport with the focus on grappling. You lose weight to get into a lower weight class. You do intense training. But beyond strength, there is skill, coordination, and overall, balance that will make you dominate your opponents. Also, your friends will call wrestling gay. They aren't your friends anymore because you did a fucking one leg throw/slam and broke their neck. But that wasn't enough so you got them in a choke hold. But your coaches said wrestling is what makes men men. He also knows more about wrestling than anyone, except for the people he taught.
Wrestling is great. I love it so much that I'm gonna give my english teacher a TRIPLE LEG TAKEDOWN.
by stephen 47 November 28, 2018

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A team of freshman & sophomore football athletes. A lot of them will not play and grind at practice like the Senior Football team. Some will just quit the team. A good amount of them will not play the year after. Some will keep on playing. Also known as frosh football.
Kid 1: I wanna be like Viz and play all the years after Freshman Football
Kid 2: Football is gay so I'm quitting
Kid 3: I wanna play just for the varsity jacket
Kid 4: *tackles coach*
by stephen 47 November 04, 2018

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A boy who is writing this. He is loyal to his friends, and always thinks, "Wow I'm lucky to have them in my life." He's stuck in classes with girls that are telling him to stop put gel in his hair and call him ugly, while his friends say he looks better with it on. He's always listening to music while staring at pictures of his ex with her new boyfriend. He loves football and everyday he is grinding to improve. He started out just doing it, and had a real hard time, but he'd think, "This football practice is hard, but don't worry, there's a beautiful girl to talk to when practice ends." But when practice ended that day, she said she didn't want him anymore. But that was the day that some good old friend found out about the girl, and now he had to tell his friend. His friend said she's too much of an angry unreasonable person for me. His friends really are the only people that can respect him. Girls don't care for him.
Girl: Hi Stephen!
Me: Oh, hi!
Girl: I don't know you. Get away. I want Stephen.
Me: *thinks, "I wish my name wasn't Stephen"
Other Stephen: *gets confused*
by stephen 47 October 20, 2018

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