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1. Hell
2. A bad place to work
3. A bad place to shop
4. See number 1
i went to walmart last night... and i got third degree burns... and i think i saw Satan... he was yellow.. and had a big fucking smile on his face....He was going around slashing prices... SLASHING!!!
by Stephan February 26, 2005

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losing circulation in your penis, causing it to shrival or become small, also not allowing an erection to fully occur due to lack of blood.
I snorted so much coke that I had coke-dick.
by stephan December 04, 2004

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A cock bunny is a girl who like the cock.. i mean alot, this girl is on a cock diet.. i made it up from the word Beach bunny.see a beach bunny is a girl who hangs out on the beach alot or near it, so a cock bunny is a girl who hang out near cock all day
"man my teacher is such a cockbunny, she wont leave my father alone"
by stephan August 19, 2003

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VERY LARGE PENIS... were talking like durk diggler size..13+ inches
"comon little red riding hood, i got some donkeycock for you" said the wolf
by stephan September 03, 2003

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kickass hip-hop band out of morgantown wv
123 pleasent street was jumpin with the 304 reconz last week
by stephan August 14, 2004

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Term used to describe a negro from the ages of 2 to 10. Negros of this age commonly have runny noses and never blow them.
The snot nigger next door never uses kleenex.
by Stephan July 10, 2003

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The act of using a curling iron to heat up a corpses vagina before commencing the act of necrophilia
i totally Hot Pocketed that bitch last night, she was fresh from the mourge, not to cold and not freezer burned.
by Stephan February 26, 2005

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