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A group of three clearly frustrated men in their mid to late twenties that represent the Yokohama Division in the Hypnosis Mic / Hypnosis Microphone franchise. Mad Trigger Crew consists of ex-soldier (and master chef) Rio Mason Busujima, also known as "Crazy M", corrupt policeman (and bully of children) Jyuto Iruma, also known as "45 Rabbit" and the leader Samatoki Aohitsugi, the biggest edgelord you'll ever meet, also known as "miStEr HaRdcOre (yOkoHaMa bAd boi) "
Mad Trigger Crew represents Yokohama Division in the organized Division Rap Battles of the Hypnosis Mic franchise

MTC is actually one of my favourite divisions
by steffy_baka August 3, 2021
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Second member of Matenrou. Works as a host to conquer his fear of women. He parties and drinks champagne and is Doppo's childhood friend, roomate, boyfriend and malewife
by steffy_baka April 5, 2022
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Third member of Mad Trigger Crew

Very intelligent and adaptable and with a very firm moral compass. He also engages in so called "survival cooking", a controversial practice in which he cooks the things he hunts. His expertise in cooking has gained him the title of " malewife" among the fandom
Rio Mason Busujima has the fattest tits in the entire HypMic cast
by steffy_baka April 5, 2022
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A single bro who works to jobs, who loves his bros and never stops

He's the leader of a division called Buster Bros and he has steelo, idk
Ore ga Ichiro you better know my steelo
Ichiro Yamada is the leader of Buster Bros
by steffy_baka April 5, 2022
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