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1. the act of screaming the word "jizz" while moving your arm in an overhead circular motion and connecting an open hand to another persons face. Usually resulting in the extreme anger of the individual receiving the "jizz" slap.

2. the act of removing a condom after sex and firmly grabbing the tip while full force slapping the condom over your partners face, resulting in an open ended explosion of your seminal juices over the persons face. If done hard enough a laseration of the skin will occur and seminal juices will flow into the cut.

"I gave that nasty skank a jizzslap"

i.e. Sarnik
by steelydan March 24, 2005
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the act of turning around and farting in a girl's face after she has just given you felatio
Marteese was so pleased with the young girl's job, that he gave her the gentleman.
by Steelydan February 26, 2005
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disgusting sexual act in which you dig up a female corpse, put your mouth over the vagina, punch the stomach, and eat whatever comes out.
Oh man, I definetly pulled a mummy on that dead hooker we dug up.
by Steelydan February 25, 2005
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