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If you're a yankee don't move here, we hate all y'all too!
We don't really care how you did it up north. If everything is so great up there, then Delta is ready when you are!
by Stan West December 19, 2004
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A word used by hadjis to describe an organization whereby they can meet to discuss terrorist activities under the guise of preserving and expanding their way of life.
A guerrilla organization where members masquerade as an ethnic social organization but its real reason for existance is to promote and extend fundamentalist beliefs and hatred of all things American.
Many members of the probasi met to discuss the durga puja and the latest message from Bin Laden.
by Stan West September 11, 2005
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A communist rag that passes itself off as the mouthpiece of an allegedly democratic country.
Their writings typically challenge the soverign power of other counties without the opportunity for rebuttal. Propoganda is a mild word compared to the yellow journalism they are known for thoughout the world.
The touble is, that without the Internet and the value that it avails without substance, credibility or the test of time honoured history this rag has little credibilty. Even so, it is heralded as the voice of a people not far removed from anarchy and cared for still by other nations. A cry from a child who does not yet even understand why it is crying, but imposing itself as the savior of the millenium.
I read in the Times of India, how they are so much smarter than us, it's a pity we didn't happen upon them while we were yet still ameoba; turbans and all, they seemed to possess the power to lift us out of the ooze while still being fed and nurtured by those nations that they now declare they saved.
by Stan West October 22, 2005
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1. To act, think or behave without regard to anyone other than yourself and your interests. Beyond the normal selfish behavior includes lying and distorting even the most apparent facts to get your way.
2. To use the fact that you converted to the Jewish religion to get preferential treatment or to get your way by accusing others of descrimination.
1. He wanted the team lead position so badly that he degrooted me by planting a ficticious e-mail in my personell file.
2. When managers decided that I was the best candidate for the job he wanted, he pulled a degroot saying that I had been a nazi in a previous life and that by promoting me they were descriminating against his Jewish heritage.
by Stan West October 23, 2005
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1) Refers to a part which serves no constructive purpose, but desires to lead.
2) Leadership by focusing on why we failed rather than on how we can do better to succeed.
3) Lack of planning, communication, insight, and follow-up. A bad leader who talks a good game but does nothing to achieve the goal then brags about how close we came to success and blames bad luck for the loss.
Captain Woodie came to run the meeting, but only talked about how much he loved being in the Marine Corps. Consequently, nothing got done and no decisions were made. We wasted an afternoon because of the wood!

Everyone was pissed that we’d failed to meet our objective, and then Captain Woodie told us that there were just too many obstacles and we’d have to beat our heads against the wall for a long time before we could expect to win.

We could have been better prepared for the competition, but no one planned any training, or told us anything. After the race, while we were trying to figure out how to get home, a captain woodie came out and told us how we could have won if we’d had just a bit more luck
by Stan West March 04, 2006
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Someone who has moved to the South from up north who loves NASCAR, thinks that yankees invented NASCAR and always wears / drives / buys / talks about NASCAR and NASCAR paraphenalia.
pennsylvania race yankees can furthe be identified by their annoying loud mouth personalities. Their incesent need to drive recklessly, tailgating and causing others to swerve out of their way to avoid a collision.
Complete morons who are too stupid to even understand that Southerners hate them, and insist on being treated with "southern hospitality".

An offshoot, equally loathesome is a former resident of Ohio who has moved south but always wears cleveland indian paraphenalia.
We used to go to Lake Norman on weekends, but since mooresville was bought by the pennsylvania race yankees you can't get near the lake on weekends without an armored vehicle.
by Stan West September 21, 2004
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A clueless, Manic-depressive moron who is always "in your face". This is one of those guys that you carefully try to avoid at social gatherings because they have no social grace. They will babble on about how great their life is one minute and how much it sucks to be them the next.
They want to take on the world, but then they don't have time for it. They get mad at you when you remind them of their commitments, as they've moved on to bigger things in their head.
The Big Grin cornered me last night and told me all about the big promotion he got at work, when I agreed that his life was good he told me about the long hours and how it sucks to be him.
When I remined him of the paperwork he had due, he got angry at me because he had since gotten bigger and better things to do.
by Stan West May 23, 2006
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