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mixture of everything. high school sports are big. mooresville high vs lake norman is always intense. deffenitly two opposites in the same town. dirty mo runs it. a place where you can become anything you want to. play party and party some more. great place to grow up
bro you going to the mooresville lake norman game?" "dude who isnt?
by dirtymobro19 January 07, 2011
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commonly known as mo-town, booresville, & hoeville. In Mooresville you can find rich, scum, hoe, racer, redneck, and a mix of all five. Mooresville is not your idea of fun, there is nothing to do without the exception of partying.
Hey wanna go hit up some exit 28 hoes from Mooresville tonight?

Lake Norman High School has pure ownage over Mooresville High School.

Lets go hit up a party tonight in Mooresvile.
by mooresvillekidd January 18, 2009
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An over populated town 15-30 minutes north of downtown Charlotte depending on dumbass drivers. Also known as Lake Norman, Race City, USA or Redneck Hollywood. Nascars hometown and home to many drivers, athletes, and some social media stars. Torsists come for the cancerous lake and by cancerous, I mean shoutout to duke energy for the breakout of radiation. Tourists also come to watch people turn left in a circle for hours. Most people in this area drive lambos or g-wagons, so I’m reality is it really redneck Hollywood?
There ain’t shit to do in Sherills Ford. Hey Billy lets go fuck some shit up in Mooresville.

Did you know the Donald Trump owns a neighborhood in Mooresville? It’s like a dream come true for those wealthy rednecks.
by Luccia February 16, 2019
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