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Someone who has moved to the South from up north who loves NASCAR, thinks that yankees invented NASCAR and always wears / drives / buys / talks about NASCAR and NASCAR paraphenalia.
pennsylvania race yankees can furthe be identified by their annoying loud mouth personalities. Their incesent need to drive recklessly, tailgating and causing others to swerve out of their way to avoid a collision.
Complete morons who are too stupid to even understand that Southerners hate them, and insist on being treated with "southern hospitality".

An offshoot, equally loathesome is a former resident of Ohio who has moved south but always wears cleveland indian paraphenalia.
We used to go to Lake Norman on weekends, but since mooresville was bought by the pennsylvania race yankees you can't get near the lake on weekends without an armored vehicle.
by Stan West September 21, 2004
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