49 definitions by st. ias

dump is an acronym for do you mind please?
I was in the bedroom with a really attractive sexy dark haired woman.
I said "Dump? Strip. I want to fuck you".
by St. Ias December 17, 2005
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Some people think DOM means dirty old man. They have filthy minds.
People with clean minds know this means Distinguished Older Man.
Many women in their 40s who have reared their family are liberated sexually.
They thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of having a D O M to escort them on
a regular basis around the social scene
by St. Ias September 25, 2005
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What more can you say ? Guys say this occasionally to their children
A young girl had been seriously injured in a road accident. Her parents sat by the side of her bed for months. One day they thought they saw her eyes blink. Her dad said " I am your father "
by St. Ias September 25, 2005
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Drug addicted terrorising extremists ravaging assaulting pillaging entering
At least one young woman a weekend in Britain, going out for a quiet drink
at the weekend with her friends, suffers date rape
by St. Ias September 16, 2005
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Slut is an acronym for sexually licentious usually two-timing
Two guys were having a pint whilst discussing a well known woman in the village. "She's a slut. She flies over to the Isle of Man at the weekends, sees your man there(you know, that millionaire fellow who lives on the island), has a couple of expensive holidays with him during the year too. She comes home on a Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday lives with a company director who comes over from London each week. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she lives with that farmer up the road there. She also owns a house they are at the University there. When she is not here the farmer thinks she is with her kids. It is common knowledge to everyone but him what she is doing. No one dare tell the farmer. It would kill him. Ach that one is a slut all right".
by St. Ias December 13, 2005
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Developing ripe youthful filthy underwear cummy knickers
The teenagers had been having a dry fuckin the girl's bedroom. Her mother, who was sorting a pile of clothes for the washing machine, knew rightly what her daughter and boyfriend were doing in the bedroom. She called up the stairs " Throw down your dry fuck to me. I will throw them in the machine ".
by St. Ias October 04, 2005
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This is catering terminology Beef and Dumplings.
The lads from the Circus usually dined in the truckers cafe
across the road from the Big Top. The cafe made excellent B&D
by St. Ias September 19, 2005
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