A student that shat there pants during a lesson
That ascot!
She shat herself !
by its the real deal September 21, 2018
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Commonly misbelieved to be an article of clothing, it is actually a fruit.
by TheHugger October 10, 2010
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same as saying "ass got"
"Damn girl you ascot phat!"
by Jacob Starling October 13, 2007
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The end result of a condom break after vigorous thrusting where the residual elastic band remains at the base of the shaft with some excess latex flapping in the breeze.
“Oh shit babe, I’m so sorry. The condom broke...but, hey, check out this Richard’s Ascot.”

“Yo dude. She totally thought I was wearing an intact condom but, mid-fuck, I fastened it into a Richard’s Ascot”
by Cleaveandcrack8 January 12, 2021
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A small room on the second floor of The Quest where local shows are usually held.
You gonna go see Somerset at the Ascot Room?
by Jess "Danny" January 31, 2005
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Nothing says you're a pretentious ass hole like wearing an ascot.
Mike decided he wanted to start wearing ascots, what an ascot hole that guy is going to be.
by CMIF LM February 4, 2012
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Hangman's noose. to hang someone. Choke someone out. Choke.
Saddam Hussein wore an Alcatraz ascot on his way outta here. "...If they catch that fool, somebody's gonna check that neck with a Alcatraz ascot." "...look, on the sidelines appears Bears QB Rex Grossman is fitting himself with his 4th qtr Alcatraz ascot as he prepares to enter the game..."
by hanxta December 3, 2007
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