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fucking sluts who would do anything to get backstage for a band so they can fuck em.
look at that groupie, flashing the security just to get into the VIP.
by sss July 22, 2005
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1. anyone that is pathetic and lowly enough to lurk online all day and race from computer to computer to post lame and useless information on discussion forums and bulletin boards. Said person always twists facts, quotes, and modifies the truth to better himself in front of others.

2. any person that uses multiple computers and Internet Service Providers to make alias posts on the Internet. Reason: largely due to lack of friends and to dupe the public that people are actually backing him up and his feckless claims of stardom.

3. for a more indepth definitive, go to: keyboardracer.com or gayrab.
"Friggin' hilarious. The other day our website moderator e-mailed me to let me know that Mr. Keyboardracer is the one that's voting all of the Abuse votes on the posts from people that he hates. Will he EVER learn? What a kook! HAHA!"
by SSS June 15, 2004
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the item or soemthing is soo bad that it has the quality of a toilet
wow thats a good idea, ehh good enough for me 2 poop on!
by sss January 29, 2004
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A form of a bitchy ignorant female
by sss July 07, 2003
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Risky region that jeopardize from time to time presidents' political mightiness.
Hey Bill, why don't you set your cigar in my Axis of Evil?
by Sss July 30, 2003
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She thought she was simon, but i was simon, so she smited me. What a heck-bag.
This girl has a nephew and she thinks she should have god-power, what a grits-warden!
by sss May 28, 2004
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a word that stupid ginos/ginas use.
solid gina bambina
solid gino latino
by sss March 31, 2005
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