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After a night of sucking too much dick, the next day you have a deeper raspy voice.
Girl 1 : Do you have a cold ? You sound different.

Girl 2: no, I stayed at my boyfriends house last night, I got that throaty voice .
by spinner December 19, 2016
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Someone who is new to a game or software etc.
Often used bij CS (=counterstrike)players
That player is a real naab
by spinner March 14, 2004
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a mythical lizard. also the name of a kick ass 4 day country music festival in northern wisconsin.
Since I drank so much, I barely remember Hodag. Holy Hodag!
by spinner July 4, 2004
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short, chubby girls that try to run fast
ten minute mile put you at the top of their class....in Minneapolis
by spinner November 13, 2003
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Aconite played at the MCI center last night.
by spinner January 23, 2004
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A high performance car that has been modified visually and mechanically to gain attention. Usually an import car that has been lowered, painted, had a spoiler kit added and engine tuned significantly - usually turbo'ed.
The car show was absolutely packed with customs.
by spinner July 1, 2003
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