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People (mainly girls) who eat and eat and never grow any fatter.

Mainly used as a term of endearment for a friend who steals all your food, or finishes it for you.
Person:"I'm so full...I don't even know why I got second helpings"

Eatbeast friend (with own food):"I'll eat it!"
by spinme April 28, 2007

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Funny or embarrassing circumstances that arise from the consumption of alcohol
M: "Did you hear about J last night?"

E: "No, what happened?"

M: "She was so wasted she followed K around all night trying to score him"

E: "Alcolol!"
by spinme December 29, 2007

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To observe with your ears. To listen.
Tori: Have you not observed the emo song?
Tori: Ehh..I mean..observed with your ears..
Tori:..listened to.
Izzy: Earserved.
Tori: Yes
by spinme August 11, 2007

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A self absorbed person. Irish slang from the Irish for 'myself' - Me fein.

Pronounced 'may fain(like rain)-err'
I can't stand Eric, he's such a me feiner.
by spinme November 15, 2009

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When you're unfortunate enough to get rick rolled by the radio
"Why so sad?"

"Just got rick-rolled by the radio again..fuck"

"Lawl, radio roll!"
by spinme March 22, 2009

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Adjective; to have a

If someone says they're going to have a dirty chinese, it means they're looking forward to what is expected to be an immensely delicious chinese take-away.

An Irish saying, it involves the popular misuse of the word 'dirty' as slang for something beyond the realm of every other positive word in the English language.

It is not used in a racist manner.
Lookin forward to a great big dirty chinese tonight

Had a really dirty chinese last night
by spinme November 16, 2010

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Common insult among the students of St. Andrews College, Dublin.

Err can be used for pretty much everything, however it is mostly used when someone proves they are particularly knowledgeable about a topic, as a general insult or when someone is being a bit of an all-round twat.
Statement:"I love George Michael!"

Response:"Err George Michael"
by spinme August 04, 2009

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