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The term used for individuals who download mass amounts of pornography but do not necessarily view or even care for the content in question. Many who suffer from CPDS also tend to be porn pack rats who archive and save all their downloaded content (possibly never reviewing such content).
Person 1: I downloaded 20 gigs of softcore porn last night!
Person 2: I thought you weren't into softcore stuff?
Person 1: You're right but it's just nice to have it.
Person 2: Dude you suffer from Chronic Pornography Downloading Syndrome...
by spinal_compression October 20, 2009

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Substituting everyday objects for workout equipment.
Imma hit up the local playground for an urban workout. Gonna take two laps around the path then do some pull ups on the monkey bars and on my way home i'll hop on and off the curb for that extra kick to finish my workout off.
by spinal_compression July 23, 2009

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Posting a tweet on Twitter asking for money and then receiving monetary funds from a follower.
User1 wants you to send him donations to his PayPal account! (20 minutes ago)
User1 just got Twit Paid! (5 minutes ago)

User2 would like you to spot cash at tomorrows event. (19 hours ago)
User2 thanks for the Twit Pay. (30 seconds ago)
by spinal_compression July 22, 2009

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When someone takes a picture that's so blurry it emulates how one would see if wearing beer goggles i.e. was drunk.
The pictures in this Facebook album are great... Except for that last beer goggle photo that was uploaded where you can't make anything out.

Ugly Person: I look better in my beer goggle photo because no one can see past it's blurriness.
by spinal_compression July 25, 2009

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