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A woman who uses sex to trap a man into a long term relationship or marriage.
person 1: Rolando got married already? he's only known her for 3 months.

person 2: Yeah some marriagina got him.
by SPARTANGLORY July 19, 2009

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A girl (or guy) that you would with 100% certainty have sex with.
Sundi: I didn't get a look, was she hot?
Reesh: Fasho smasho.
by SPARTANGLORY December 07, 2009

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electronic public display(s) of affection.
Sarah blew up his facebook wall with ePDA.
by spartanglory January 02, 2010

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make haste. hurry the hell up. go faster.

Derived from the popular cartoon character.
A: when will you be here?
B: in an hour
A: get your gonzales on man I'm hungry
by SPARTANGLORY April 02, 2010

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(1) doing due diligence on some hos, usually without their knowledge

(2) elaborately setting up situations to maximize your probability of smashing a ho
I was creep crawlin the redbones from saturday on facebook and her ass is a bookshelf for sure.
by SPARTANGLORY June 11, 2009

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Fake, large breasts. Derived from 'tig old bitties', the 'f' representing the fake aspect.
Did you see those Figs? EEE son.
by SPARTANGLORY June 11, 2009

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