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yoo dawg, can i getta square?..... got a light?
by sonya June 16, 2003

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Brownies baked with marijuana for the intention of getting high.
You want some of these hash brownies?
Yeah, I need to get stoned.
by Sonya June 29, 2004

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Swedish group most prominent throughout the Seventies. Consisted of Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad. Became famous after winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Songs are now used as the basis for the hit musical Mamma Mia! which has played to packed houses the world over. Most Yanks became aware of ABBA when they saw the film 'Muriel's Wedding' which proves that even in the Seventies, septics could not tell good music from the crap all over the radio. But that is another story.
ABBA Fan: 'You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen...'


ABBA Fan: 'Thank you for the music... the songs I'm singing...'

* You can substitute Chingy's name with that of any American artist on the radio today.
by Sonya September 23, 2004

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A fake ass wanksta who claims to be from boston which he makes the hoods in boston look bad
neva poped nuttin
by SoNya November 06, 2003

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A scent of the mixture of a male and female after intercourse
ewww it smell like padussy up in here
by sonya November 17, 2003

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Kick ass über game, not exactly easy to beat, nothing like street fighter, never played virtua fighet or whatever, but im gonna get it. Tekken is the best fighitng game I've ever played and probably ever will play.
All the Tekken games are über cool, they own other fighting games.
by Sonya August 18, 2003

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Guys that only talk about a girls boobs, and butt. That's the only way they can fit in. They don't care if they're doing it around a girl either. Talk about how often they jack off all the time, and could care less if a girl was around. Talk about girls as if they were a piece of meat, and that's all they want a girl for is to screw.
Some of the guys in my class are such chauvanistic pigs! They also need to know if they jack off too much, they won't be able to have kids when they're older, and they're balls will be the size of a pea!
by Sonya September 07, 2003

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