62 definition by some polak

ghetto section of boston with real gangstas
ain't no fakes in hyde park
by some polak November 12, 2004

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When you shoot somebody.
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Crept and We Came

"Stalkin' gat fools, walkin' jack moves, ready to PAP YOU if we have to, daily.
Bailin' for safety, we make it and chill."
by some polak September 17, 2004

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1. Head of your Dick
2. Not yur penis head, your normal 1.
1. Did she give you Georgia Dome?

2. I'm bout to crack him in his fuckin dome he keep talkin
by some polak November 21, 2004

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Yeah he's right. I heard it on RETURN OF THE CROOKLYN DODGERS (song)
Whiteys can sell on the corner of flatbush

(basically he sayin how much harder black people have it then white people and he's saying like ya they can sell there instead of us)
by some polak September 20, 2004

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It is like a cop term for a murder.
(not just in CALI like that otha guy said)
Bone Thugz N Harmony - Shotz To Tha Double Glock

"Yell out 187 and blast
Nigga don't test nuts your luck's fucked"
by some polak September 17, 2004

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It's snoop dogg for a fine brunette.
I got a livin room full of fine dime brizzles.
by some polak December 06, 2004

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ya also a slang for guns
Straight nuts in your face put your pistols away
by some polak November 05, 2004

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