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customer: I want a cerveza
bartender: okay, we have a Corona, Dos Equis, Jose Cuervo, or Tequiza
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This term has a double meaning:

1 A rock band or any genrue that signs in a major label and plays music for more fans

2 An Asian guy, especially Filipinos, who lives like a caucasian and listens to rock music.
Chad, the Filipino-American who is a sellout, listens to Blink-182, a sellout pop-punk band.
by some dude in the bay area April 27, 2005
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A term used to decribe young voters who supports many conservative and libertarian values. They believe in some Republican issues such as tax reform and opposition of hate crime legislation but have libertarian views such as free speech. Mainstream conservatives criticize South Park as being profane and crude, but the show mocks liberal issues and communicates with the Republican issues. South Park Republicans tend to be less religious than the traditional Republicans; they are more likely to share the same values with more moderate politican Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Dave from U.C. Berkley is a South Park Republican. He does not like the liberal protesters on his campus, but he collects Playboy magazines.
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A filipino who is black inside. See also whigger and coconut.
I saw a fligger with a flat baseball cap worn sideways.
by some dude in the bay area April 17, 2004
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A Filipino who participates or very obsssive into sports just like the jocks. They are not like their other Filipino peers, and they like working out. Some of them are coconut, sellout, or fligger and hangs around with white and/or black friends who are teammates in the sport they participate, usually basketball, wrestling, baseball, soccer, football, or track.
Tone, a Flip Jock, is going to the weight room to train for tomorrow's wrestling tournament.
by some dude in the bay area March 26, 2005
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