The CTFxC is so hardcore they stayed up the whole time for the Insomniac Ironman and watched him pass out just at the end.
by ItaliaInsomnia August 23, 2008
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Now it is time to sit down and view
The coolest couple that is on YouTube
Can't wait to see what you did today
It's coming up I can hardly wait the

Internet Killed the TV
And we'll keep THUMBING UP!

'Cause you and me - we're CTFxC
Gonna view the vloggity with Charles Trippy & Alli
'Cause you and me - we're CTFxC
Gonna share the interwebs with Charles Trippy & Alli
Don't forget Zoey & Marley!
by nimrodiuzz May 7, 2011
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the most awsome vloggers on the internet who are charels trippy and ali speed is his wife . They have two dogs who's names are zoey and marley. charels is kind of hipster-ish in a good way he likes video games movies.CTFxC stands for charels trippy friend core.
CTFxC ftw!" "what the hell is CTFxC?" "they are vloggers
by November 11, 2010
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Daily video bloggers on youtube who use irrititating, misleading titles and spam to promote their videos.

Can record conversations with friends and point their camera towards themselves and talk without caring that they look like douchebags.

Some examples of titles:
Girl Attacked by Gorilla!
Chick with Mustache!

girl SHOT in EYE!!!!

Ugly Couple gets MURDERED?!?!?!

Will you stop pointing that camera at yourself? Nobody cares. Stop being so CTFxC.
by youtuber1985 October 25, 2009
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Two random idiots on the YouTube who post videos of there daily life to any random perv idiot no life on the internet whos gonna watch it. They use misleading Titles that are ALL CAPED and have a very misleading thumbnails. (Kinda like every other crappy famous YouTuber). People that dont have a life and sit at home on their computer 24/7, watch it, (retards). They upload a video every fucking day of the year cause their fags. They also get dumbass intros done by random fuckers that are normally got animation and a cheesy song to go along. They have 2 fucking dogs, BIG DEAL. They walk around the street holding a camera to their face looking like a retards while people stop and stair at think how dumb they look. Their fans are kinda like Shaytards and RWJ cuntholes. They will stand up for CTFxC at all costs.
Title - "HOT ASSES ON MIAMI BEECH" Day 85999585. 6/8/2010"

*Holden camera at face talking about the burger he ate for 10 minutes*

Summery = CTFxC SUCK
by Cormac313 July 28, 2011
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