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An iFunny user who frequently gets top comments on features saying unfunny things. Widely considered to be one of the biggest faggots on the app.
User1: Did you see Dibly's retarded top comment today?
User2: yeah what a little fuck
User3: Dibly please suck a dick
by skill3t November 12, 2015

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To work exceedingly hard on or for something that probably wasn't worth the fucks given.
Seriously Joe? I bust my ass on this stupid chocolate mousse, and then you tell me you're allergic to cocoa? Go suck a dick Joe, suck a fucking dick.
by skill3t December 27, 2014

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A person that would seem like they would be great in bed, only to disappoint when the time comes by laying around and being utterly inactive.
Kate: So Rachel, how was Jimmy last night?
Rachel: Oh don't even get me started on that dead moose.
by skill3t December 20, 2014

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The act of anal penetration while intoxicated.
- Dude pass the whiskey
- No John, no more ethanol for you. Last time you got this drunk you tried to do anol with my girlfriend
by skill3t March 23, 2016

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