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an act of physical violence, as would be performed by a thug.
I'm going to perpetrate some thuggery upon that chap.
by sippymccloy May 14, 2007
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Sideburns created by grown out head hair which has been combed down in front of the ear, giving the illusion of sideburns. Generally worn by ladies, but also used by gentlemen who are incapable of growing proper sideburns.
Similar to a comb-over for sideburns.
Ian: Dude, check out my new chops.
Gary: I wish I could grow those, all I can grow are these ladyburns
by sippymccloy January 15, 2009
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momentum caused by dementia or perceived dementia.
Artie: You'd have to be crazy to vote for that candidate.
Verne: I know, he's terrible... but for some reason, he's got a lot of dementum.
by sippymccloy July 05, 2007
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a movie, generally from a mail dvd distributor such as netflix, which was packaged for return, but instead borrowed or taken without the subscriber's knowledge, watched, and then placed back in the mail less than 24 hours later, giving the appearance that the movie was just slow in returning.

Note: tampering with US mail is a federal crime
Robin: Dude, I got a terrible movie from moochflix last night.
Andy: Bra, you should never get your moochflix from Tim's mailbox. All he watches are romantic comedies.
by sippymccloy June 20, 2007
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Guess Who's Pooping
Use your senses in this public restroom quiz game.
Recognize the shoes under the stall? The sound of the grunting? The smell? Who is pooping?

Works best in a workplace
Adam: I didn't recognize the shoes, but I could tell it was Brad participating in this afternoon's round of GWP. The smell just follows him around.
by sippymccloy January 15, 2009
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