A girl who is petty and hates when people call her out her name she is the type of person to drop you like nothing and regret it later she is usually a pretty girl too and may act black she assumes things about others
Wow I called you the b word who cares don't be such a victorie
by Beser frind March 16, 2017
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A teen who's into music, and trendy things, but is still focused and successful.
She's confident, and works hard to get what she wants.

She's fun and a bit sassy but also intelligent.
And, yes VICTORY is actually the name on this chick's birth certificate.
Yo, Victory wanna hit the mall today?
Sorry, gotta study for that chemistry test.
by |naijaslastwoe| April 11, 2015
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Victorious is a TV show sequenced in episodes, created by Nickelodeon. The plot is about the comical adventures of Tori, Andre, Kat, Jade, Beck, Trina, and Robbie (and his ventriloquist puppet Rex), who are students at Hollywood Arts, a high school in California which focuses on theatrical dramas, singing, and acting.

There has been inter-television show contact in previous episodes between the characters of Victorious and iCarly, suggesting that the two stories are based in the same "world".

The audience is focused toward teens and pre-teens. The lead character, Tori Vega, is played by Victoria Justice, a semipopular singer. The producer/director of the show is Dan Schneider, also the previous director of the show iCarly. He is known for introducing the "PearPad", "PearPhone", and overall the "Pear" company as an imitator of the iPad and the iPhone.
Random Person #1: Hey, did you watch Victorious last night?

Random Person #2: Yeah, I loved it.
by SignatureDictionaries February 24, 2013
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Victory is unisex,known as athletic, fun,wonderful,so sweet .They make sure they do what they have in mind,they don't give up easily,they love so much but when it gets to a verge that u offend them they give up on you,they get shy at first but get to know them more u will never regret.they are socially active,love fashion,brilliant ones,intelligent,romantic and as their name implies they are always victorious..they are great dancers...there are lots to qualify victory(s)
by Cali's carol December 28, 2019
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The best TV show ever made. PERIODT!!!
Bro, have you watched the new episodes of victorious?
by _Kermit_The_Frog_ May 6, 2020
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1 A clear and decisive win
2 One of three possible outcomes (lose draw)
If you expect a kick in the nuts and get a slap in the face, its a victory
by Don Mega August 5, 2007
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