7 definitions by shremthecutie

Esses is a cool guy who rages when you call him "Esses Joey."
"Hi Esses, what's up?"
"Mrs. Himber is the devil."
by shremthecutie May 24, 2020
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Hillel is always a 37-year old man. ALWAYS. He is known for his pedophile-like behavior towards young children.

Nicknames: Hill, Pedo, Weirdo Old Man, and Child Molester
"Hillel, how old are you?"
"37, what about you?"
by shremthecutie May 24, 2020
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A weird guy, usually British, who enjoys tea, scones, and a side of Emma.
Tawil, can you text me the homework?
Yea, I'll send it on Outlook right now on my Apple TV with my Apple Pencil controlling the Apple TV Remote on my Apple Watch.
by shremthecutie October 20, 2020
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A term used by the British to express their divine love for all types of sacks. Sacks of tea, sacks of rubbish, and most importantly stacks of balls.
You're such a ____ing ballsack, mate. Bloody hell.
by shremthecutie October 20, 2020
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is in love with Victor
"Paula, who do you like?"
"Victor. I like Victor."
by shremthecutie May 21, 2020
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A lesbian annoying child who spams on chats. Paulers tend to marry Leeraz’s, although both Pauler AND Leeraz like Lean.
“Pauler, who do you like?”
Leeraz and Lean. In reverse order.”
by shremthecutie July 7, 2020
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