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What would Zappa do?
On my favorite shirt, there is a picture of Frank Zappa. Under it, is WWZD?

How's that for an example?
by shawnblog January 12, 2009
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When you go to place your cup or other recyclable item in one of those quaintly and cleverly designed canisters that are have paper/glass/plastic slots or holes. Bonus if the paper one is long and narrow (like a mouth) and the other two are round (like eyes).
Wait, I have to visit recycleface to get ride of this empty bottle before we go!
Look, this recycle bin cover is a FACE!
by shawnblog October 23, 2020
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Prior to efforts by Facebook to emulate various features and functionality of other popular web sites, if someone clicked "poke" on your profile, you were presented with two options: "poke back" or "remove poke"

Now, "remove" has been removed. This is very confusing to neophytes because the options of "poke back" and now, "remove" (instead of the aforementioned "remove poke" link title) lead Facebook users to the falso assumption that they either have to "remove" their friend or poke them back, sending the user into the poke/poke back abyss, never to return.

Perhaps the far more intuitive "remove poke" will return on some future Facebook redesign. Until then, this Facebook FAIL will remain confusing to the masses, wreaking havoc and spawning never-ending poke wars.
So and so poked you... poke back | remove poke

by shawnblog March 17, 2009
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Conceived in conversations about possible personal blog names in September 2002 at the early stage of now defunct startup "Text America" (2002-2006), Psychic Plague Panacea got a double take and immediate thumbs up from our consultant. The expert turned out to be far too expensive and left the next day, but the name was finally given to shawnblog.com when the site moved to tumblr.com after the startup (Text America) finally and miserably failed.

Spawning initial public awareness of the shocking and awful anti-Radiohead movement, shawnblog.com was featured on the tumblr.com home page and subsequently became popular enjoying higher technorati and Google rankings than far more influential web sites. The blog is, of course, mostly nonsense and should not be taken seriously, only very loosely representing the moments in the stream of consciousness of it's author.
Shawn Blog — The anti-Radiohead movement grows (Google search result for Psychic Plague Panacea)
by shawnblog February 21, 2010
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Condition suffered by a car, where seemingly painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints can cause groaning in parts of the car that normally make no noise,
It's 2 degrees outside. My car started, but when I turn the wheel, there is this crunchy, groaning sound. I think my car may have carthritis.
by shawnblog January 28, 2009
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The act of abbreviating or sometimes lengthening a word, phrase, name or idea for use on a vehicle license (vanity) plate in order to fit the message into the space allowed (usually 7-8 characters) or because the correct spelling is already taken by another license plate owner.
"Hey, I got my Mississippi Native vanity plate the other day!"

"How did you vanitize that for the plate?"

by shawnblog July 6, 2009
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Anything that is simultaneously creepy, adorable and creative.
The HR Giger wedding cake, which was expertly crafted after the work of HR Giger and complete with Mr and Mrs chest-burster aliens, is simultaneously creepy, adorable and creative... it's creepdorative!
by shawnblog March 11, 2010
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